Quick Answer: Is Rin In Love With Obito?

Was Rin in love with obito or Kakashi?

Canonically, yes, Rin had feelings for Kakashi.

It’s nice to imagine a fairy tale ending where she falls in love with Obito, the guy who loves her and certainly deserves a win, but we see in Kakashi’s back story that she was in love with Kakashi — or, at the very least, infatuated with him..

Why is obito obsessed with Rin?

His obsession with Rin isn’t just because of his love for her but also she represents the past. A past when he still believed in heroes; when he was still Obito. Obito represents how people can follow ideals that they have no real understanding of, but it takes over their life.

Who married Tenten?

In Short: At first, Everyone used to think that Tenten is Rock Lee wife but it’s turned out that Tenten is not married yet. So, Lee married to girl named Azami who is granddaughter of Chen who also teached Lee taijutsu on Naruto Shippuden ep- 312.

Why did obito turn evil?

Obito becomes evil because he sees Kakashi kill Rin, the girl he loved & Madara promises him a world where she would live once more.

How old was Rin when she died?

If you mean the current timeline, obviously Rin is dead, but Kakashi was 26-27 years old in part 1, and 29-31 years old in part 2, same for Obito. This will automatically make Rin 29-31 years as well, if she was still alive. No. They were all of the same age.

Did Rin love obito in the end?

Rin truly loves Obito, She just chased kakashi because he was a great ninja in his entire class also her comrade, she also told Obito to not hide pain from her & she will also be watching him.. that’s the true love.

Who is Kakashi’s favorite student?

Kakashi – Naruto: In the June 2006 issue of Shonen Jump, Kakashi stated that Naruto is his favorite student and that although Sasuke is a genius, he is tedious to teach because he learns everything easily, compared to Naruto who is hardworking and who is unpredictable, always surprising Kakashi.

Who is Kakashi’s crush?

Kakashi Hatake Rin developed a crush on Kakashi while they were in training together due to the fact that Kakashi was a genius, skipping ahead of his classmates. Every time Kakashi was promoted, Rin would plan a surprise party for him.

Who is Sasuke’s girlfriend?

Sakura HarunoSasuke Uchiha/Significant others

Did obito enter heaven?

But Kishimoto made some really touching scene that threw many people off; the Obito and Rin reunion scene. Now, Rin had done nothing but good deeds her whole life so that means she went to heaven clearly. But she and Obito went to the same place in the end of the scene. … And Rin and Obito did that just fine.

Is obito and Rin together?

With this logic, Rin could realize that she loved Obito. However the afterlife scene after Obito died shows a lot. In my opinion, up until she died she had a crush on Kakashi and believed that she loved him truly. Then after she died and watched over Obito she realized that her heart in fact was with Obito.

Who killed Rin?

KakashiKakashi technically killed Rin but he doesn’t mean to. Rin felt and sensed differently but she knew that the enemy messed with her so that she will destroy konoha. She jumped in between kakashi and the enemy so that she wouldn’t harm Konoha. And that’s how she died.

Did Kakashi ever love Rin?

It has been confirmed that Rin has feelings for Kakashi. Although it is never confirmed whether Kakashi loved her in return, her feelings would further the already great remorse and anguish Kakashi felt over her death.

Did obito hate Kakashi?

For Obito, Kakashi was a victim just as Rin was. He didn’t blame Kakashi for killing Rin but rather for “letting her die” and not being able to keep his promise. He was aware of the fact Rin had the 3-Tails inside her and chose to die by Kakashi’s hand.

Is obito a simp?

Apparently Obito is a top tier simp because he caused a “war over a girl”. … Anyone with half a brain knows Obito didn’t do the things he did only because of Rin. He even says so himself. Anyone who still believes Obito started a war because of Rin alone, is a moron and you should ignore them.

Who killed obito?

Mortally wounded by Minato, Obito becomes the Ten Tails host but is defeated by Naruto and Sasuke with the support of the Allied Shinobi Forces. A guilty Obito tries to redeem himself by reviving everyone who died in the war, only to be possessed by Black Zetsu and forced to resurrect Madara instead.

Who married Tsunade?

Jiraiya9 Her Character Is Based Off An Old Japanese Folktale In The Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya, Tsunade and Jiraiya use toad magic and healing to defeat Orochimaru who uses snake magic. Sound familiar? Ironically in the tale, Tsunade not only had healing powers, but is married to Jiraiya.

Who is Kakashi’s girlfriend?

10 Does Kakashi Have A Girlfriend? As of this moment in the story, Kakashi Hatake is 100% single. While many fans seem to have gotten mixed feelings due to a girl named Hanare, Kakashi is canonically single in both the manga and anime series.