Question: Will Usopp Ever Be Useful?

Why is usopp so weak?

Usopp doesn’t need to be stronger than an opponent to overcome them.

He is the weak who defeats the mighty.

That’s what makes Usopp special.

He will always be the weakest because he doesn’t need to be strong, therefore he has the potential to overcome anyone no matter how much stronger they are than him..

Does usopp come back?

Back in the present, Luffy is convinced (at least outwardly) that Usopp is not returning, but is certain they will run into each other again in the future. Meanwhile, Usopp is running through Water 7, eager to return to the crew and certain they’ll welcome him back with open arms.

Will usopp eat a devil fruit?

It’s very likely that Usopp will never get a Devil Fruit. … Aside from it being unnecessary for his character, it would be very trite and boring to see any more of the crew suddenly gain Devil Fruit abilities. It just furthers the strength of crew seeing them get as far as they are without the need of superhuman powers.

Does NAMI like Luffy?

Now, arguably, Luffy and Nami have gone through more together, and Nami might even trust Luffy more than Sanji. The rubber-boy did save her life from Arlong and finally broke down the walls that kept her from connecting with anyone. Still, to the fans, these two have never seemed like anything more than close friends.

Why is usopp God?

For he is ‘God Usopp’. For the many reasons why Usopp is now worth more than Zoro and Sanji. God Usopp is essentially the creator of the Grand Fleet made up of 1000s of strong warriors dedicated towards the Straw Hats. God Usopp did have a 5-star bounty by Doflamigo which is more than Luffy’s star bounty.

Does NAMI love Sanji?

Nami often takes advantage of Sanji’s undying devotion to her, ordering him to do her bidding, which Sanji enjoys it. However, she does often get annoyed by his womanizing behavior during serious moments and doesn’t hesitate to beat him up.

Is usopp a God?

“God” Usopp is the sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is the fourth member of the crew and the third to join, doing so at the end of the Syrup Village Arc. … Despite his normal cowardice, Usopp dreams of becoming a brave warrior of the sea just like his father and lives every day in pursuit of living up to this dream.

Is usopp a bad guy?

He is weak, he is a liar (a very poor one), he is a coward, and yet has the most pride of all (he challenges Luffy and leaves the crew). His weapon is a pachinko; not very cool. He is weak, always beaten down, and is protected by the strength of these strong men.

Does usopp ever become useful?

Yes. In his own way, Usopp does grow stronger throughout the rest of the series. He becomes more skilled and unintentionally useful (praise god Usopp), but in terms of general strength, not really.

Does NAMI get a devil fruit?

Nami is already very powerful, and she has tremendous room to grow. She could possibly gain Prometheus in the future, and wield Haki too. As such, there’s absolutely no need for her to eat a Devil Fruit.

Who is the weakest straw hat?

UsoppOda said Usopp is always the weakest among the straw hats.

Does usopp use Haki again?

The sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates, Usopp first awakened the ability to use Haki at Dressrosa when he sniped Sugar from miles away. Although Usopp already has the ability to use one form of Haki, there’s another form that he will, more likely than not, awaken at Wano.

Did Sanji die?

Oda dies of Lung Cancer after publishing the final chapter, thus, Sanji dies shortly after finding All Blue.

Why is Nami hated?

I mostly dislike Nami because she is bossy, aggressive, mean, and can be really manipulative. Don’t get me wrong Nami is an alright character to me but that is how she comes off to me. I love how she cares for kids and is able to forgive Hachi but that’s it.

Is usopp always useless?

But Usopp is a great character for the way Oda intended him to be. I don’t think Usopp is useless. Yeah he’s a coward, but when you have people like Luffy and Zoro in your group, a voice of reason is necessary. As a sniper, it’s his job to ensure safety for his friends from a distance.

Will usopp ever use a gun?

When will usopp switch to guns and be a fighting asset to the crew? He doesn’t use guns simply because he doesn’t need them. Remember that this after all a fantasy verse we are talking of, where many individual people pack more destructive power than entire naval fleets.

Will usopp marry Kaya?

The sniper: Usopp will marry Kaya with two possible outcome either starting his Usopp pirates with Kaya as ship doctor or living in his village as a storyteller. The doctor: Chopper and Milky or Tristan living on Zou or Drum island trying to make the kingdom renown medically again.

Is usopp black?

Some users proposed that Luffy could be of mixed Japanese/Brazilian descent, considering the country has the largest overseas population of Japanese, while an overwhelmingly large number of posters were disappointed that Usopp was African instead of Indian or Italian.