Queenie’s of the Forresters

The young pub gurus who we can thank for the Norfolk, The Flinders, the Abercrombie and the Carrington are also the brains behind Surry Hills hottest bar (and bar tenders), The Forresters. Women flock here to flirt with the tatt covered owners, while the men are attracted to the rare sight of a pub filled with females… and food – not sure which are better though.

The pub downstairs are a certain non-pub feel to it though, more like a classic Italian restaurant with plasma TVs, beer on tap and the quint essential smoking area filled with drunken fools out the front. But if you’re hungry, looking for an escape from the busy bar or place to start a big night out, Forresters restaurant is just what you’re looking for!

The menu is huge, casual and full of fun fillings. The pizzas are charred to perfection, thinner than Kate Moss and flavoursome. You can also get Rueben sandwiches made from the daily rosisster meat and a basket of crinkle cut fries covered in pulled pork and melted cheese… Just when I thought fries couldn’t get any better.

If Italiana pub food ain’t your thang, head on up to Queenies, the address’s new addition which is the equivalent to taking a holiday to the Bahamas with your grandma…. In a good way. The food is more tropical than a pineapple, and the décor is more retro than a record. But don’t bother packing your bikini on this holiday – the food is fried, plentiful and absolutely delicious.

For mains we shared the BBQ jerk chicken served with jungle slaw and sweet potato fries and the fried pork burger with pinable, both were HUGE, tasty and were washed down well with the tropical beer, Palmer Cristal. But the highlight of the meal was the cevechi made of snapper, avocado, mango and chilli – tangy, fresh, full of flavour and all devoured with accompanies corn chips – if this is what eating in the Caribbean is like, I need to book my ticket!

Oink Oink,

Truffle Pig.

The Forresters, Surry Hills:

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Queenies , Surry Hills:

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Top 5: Best Pizza in Bondi…..

Top 5: Best Pizza in Bondi…..
1. Gelbisons:

Gelbisons is a Bondi Institution which was firing up the wood fire oven long before the organic-living hipsters migrated to the sunny shores of the east. The restaurant is loved by locals and families, because it is cheap, easy and BYO, perfect for a mid-week dinner or a party with pigs. The pizzas are perfect – thin base and minimal ingredients done well and paired perfectly. My go-to is the Valese  pizza which is topped with sundried tomatoes, artichokes and slices of cured ham rolled on top. Get to Gelbisons, you won’t regret it!

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2. La Piadina

This hole in the wall does things a little differently. Behind the counter is a large cabinet with a delicious looking selection of cured meats and delicious cheeses, which are sliced right in front of you before being placed in their fold over pizza pockets. They are the perfect portion, ideal for curing a craving without feeling like a porky pig. They have a nice little wine menu, or BYO – the optimum spot for a casual dinner, but not with too many pigs because seating is limited.

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3. The Corner House

The house it the white building covered in vines with the inside walls adorned with wine bottles, the idyllic setting for a slice of pizza (or 8). The pizzas here are reflective of the venue – simple, beautiful and full of the best ingredients and perfectly prepared. My favourite is the Danielle Pizza, a thin crust base with light lashings provolone and parmesan cheese, fresh asparagus and crisp prosciutto, all subtly lathered in a truffle oil, oink oink! The corner house is the home to the perfect cocktail too, so pack up the pigs and watch the world go by from their upstairs bar on Bondi Road.

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4. Pompei

Pompei has been featured on many “Best Pizza” lists for Sydney, and it is no surprise why.  The owner, George Pompei, sources the best, freshest ingredients locally, a few secrets sourced from Italy and more than a pinch of passion to ensure perfect pizzas are plated up. Try the bresaola e rucola with air-dried beef, rocket, tomato, fior di latte and parmigiano or the saporita with goat’s cheese, wood-fired peppers, olives, tomato, both will have you coming back for me. Pompei is also famous for its gelato, which is made in house – the perfect sweet treat to top off a great feast!

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5. La Trattoria

This is another Bondi resturant that has been around forever and pumped out more delicious pizzas than you can poke a stick at. Unlike the pizzas already mentioned, here you can find pizzas and calzones that are full to the brim with toppings, perfect for the peckish pig or for sharing.  Just for something different order the calzone, with is a huge pocket of goodness stuffed with smoked ham, provolone, mushroom and spinach. Or if you feel like something fishy, the king prawn pizza with basil and chilli oil is a winner too.

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Bondi Hardware Nailed It……..

Bondi Hardware might be unassuming from the outside but on the inside you will find a feast, fun and fruity cocktails. This place is loved by locals and lots of women who are single and ready to mingle, trying to land a lad and some hardware. So, if you want to snag a seat on a Friday night or weekend, book ahead.

The best way to kick off the afternoon or evening is with a Vale Ale, which they have on tap. This is easily my favourite beer  of all time which hails from the vineyards of South Australia’s McLarenvale district and it has a pinch of passionfruit. Whist sipping on those I suggest you work your way through the menu. The calamari is perfect picking food as are the beer battered chips with roasted garlic aioli.

Once you’re ready to really let your hair down there is an extensive cocktail menu that will leave you sufficiently pleased and pissed. My suggestion would be the Expresso Martini. Just when I thought the cocktail couldn’t get any better, then I tasted Bondi Hardware’s vanilla twist. The bold and bitter cocktail will give you plenty of energy to see you through your main course. The wood fire prosciutto pizza is simple but more than satisfying, infact it is my favourite. Make sure you take a mate or date so you can also order the sliders. Sliders are a revolutionary concept I have embraced with open arms and mouth. You can have two burgers in one sitting without wait staff judging you. Thank you Mr. Slider, I love you.

The interior is as pleasing and comfortable at as the food. The harsh exposed brick covered in tools is softened with pot plants hanging from the walls and roof, worn down candles and polished wood. The front half of the restaurant is open, airy and lit by the large bay windows and sky light. The back-end of the bar is dark, cosy and the perfect place to snort sweet nothings….

The Bitter: Like any Bondi bar you will come across some tools, fitting given the name

The Sweet: Sweet, small, succulent sliders….. and super nice, smiling service

The Damage: For drinks and tapas to share you’re looking at about $60-$70 per pig.

Oink oink,

Truffle Pig.

Bondi Hardware – 39 Hall St – Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

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