Yellow Bungalow …..

Yellow bungalow

Filled with perfectly upholstered vintage couches, side boards, coffee tables, colourful prints, lamps, fans and cushions, this place makes you want to max your credit card to refurbish your home.

I recently bought s great lamp from here, I was worried the price tag was going to be ridicule considering how beautiful the store is but it only cost me $40 and it goes perfectly with the scented candle I also bought from there.

The store acts as a semi show room as the owners are furniture restores as well as sellers, they also make a mean coffee too – a lucrative idea which I am sure has paid off because it is impossible to resist walking out without a purchase while waiting for your cappuccino.

The Bondi community has embraced the bungalow with open arms, giving us another reason to never leave our beloved bubble to brave the outside world… or the “Junk Yard” (Bondi Junction). They are so popular they recently out grew their space and have now relocated to a stunning, spacious shop front further down  Bondi Road.

Yellow – 221 Bondi Road (corner of Imperial Avenue), Bondi, NSW 2026

The Park Pop Up Bar ….

The Park Pop Up Bar

As the temperature drops I am holding onto dear life to every bit of warmth and sunshine that is left. There is no better place to do this than in Sydney’s latest pop up bar, The Park.

The pack from Pelicano and The Island have joined forced and are responsible for this this garden delight found inside Centennial Park next to the Paddington entry. It is dog friendly, kid friendly but most of all, it is fun. This fun is facilitated by huge cocktails jugs that are so big you can almost swim in them, and wheel barrows full of peronis. So, pack the bags, head for the park and settle in for a delicious night of cheese boards, roasted pork and good times.

The Park pop up bar is open Wednesday to Friday from midday until 10pm and will shut shop on June 2.

Oink Oink,

Truffle Pig.

New Year, New Beer – March…

You will notice that this month I went to the lovely little city, Adelaide, home to Coopers beer which was enjoyed over the weekend of festivals. WOMad and The Fringe were so much fun; I am already looking forward to next year. I also had the pleasure of attending my first Taste festival and I it definitely won’t be my last – I had an awesome day, which turned into night tasting some of the best food and wine from across the world (lots of African beer this month!). Beers up!

1.       Sapporo, JAP – an iconic beer form the land of great food and in this case, great beer

2.       Thomas Coopers Selection, SA – Good ‘ol fashioned pale ale

3.       Coopers 62, SA – dense, rich and I couldn’t drink 62 of them

4.       Coopers 5 Seeds, SA – Another variation of a much loved SA Great brewery

5.       Coopers Clear, SA – Just like the rest of the Coopers family, only clear

6.       Dr Tims, SA – Drinking Tim out of a tinny – you don’t get much more aussie than that!

7.       The Hills Cider Company, SA – Made from freshly picked fruit from the Adeliade Hills, no complaints here

8.       Pacifico Clara Cerveza, MEX – A happy, hoppy pilsner beer

9.       Tusker African Lager Beer, KEN – I like the beer more than I like tusking

10.   Tusker Malt Lager, KEN – Made from 100% African ingredients, it was refreshing as the salesman himself (legend!)

11.   Sail & Anchor Boats Bind Amber Ale, WA – great branding and taste

12.   Sail & Anchor Larks Foot Golden Ale, WA – awesome name, and my favourite from this brewer

13.   Sail & Anchor Monkey Fist Pale Ale, WA – The flavour is far better than a fist to the trotter

14.   Wiked Cider, QLD – another boutique apple cider on the market… still not sick of them!

15.   Sail & Anchor, WA –

16.   Crabbies Spiced Orange Ginger Beer – a beer meets vodka cruise flavour – it gets my vote!

17.   Reef Blonde, QLD – blondes have more fun, even when they are beer

18.   Blue Sky Pilsner, QLD – Award winning, clean refreshing taste

19.   FNQ Lager, QLD – Nothin’ bogan about this brand, other than the taste of this beer

20.   Cairns Gold, QLD – Robust flavours, but not flavours for me

21.   ELK Pear Cider – Sweeeeeeet, far too sweet for this little piggy

22.   Hang Man Pale Ale by The Rocks Brewing Company, SYD – good balance of hanging between bitter and sweet

23.   Convict Lager by The Rocks Brewing Company, SYD – Dark, brooding, just like a convict

24.   Boxer Red Ale by The Rocks Brewing Company, SYD – Punches some chocolatey flavours

25.   Australian Beer Company Cider – I think I have found a new fridge staple, freshingly delicious!

26.   Balmain Brewery Pale Ale, SYD – Pales in comparison to other pale ales

27.   Balmain Brewery Pilsner, SYD – Not to bitter and even tastes a little nutty

28.   ELK Cider Berries & Lime, VIC – Tasting more berries than I am lime, great on ice but too sweet to repeat

29.   Grand Ridge Natural Blonde, VIC – Taste a little like coriander… which I love!

30.   Grand Ridge Wheat Beer, VIC – heavy and, you guessed it, wheat!

31.   Grand Bridge Pale Ale, VIC – Smooth, refreshing and full of flavour

Oink oink

Truffle Pig.

Jamie’s Italian …..

Those that know me know that I have a shameless obsession with the king of olive oil, Jamie Oliver. His rustic approach the cooking, love of fresh produce and generous serves of lemon juice, chilli and oil have led me to believe that he is God. The 5 course extravaganza I had at Fifteen, his flagship restaurant in London, was one of the best I have ever had – I can still taste that Monk fish wrapped in speck to this day… mmm….

So, after many attempts I FINALLY got to try his high anticipated Sydney restaurant, Jamie’s Italian. At 12:15 the place was already packed and thankfully, we got ushered to a seat straight away, a miracle. But by the time we left an hour later there was a huge queue outside, one which I have avoided during my 8 months of living here. I love Jamie, but not enough to stand around for 3 hours, I am far too hungry for that.

The restaurant is huge despite is unassuming presence and narrow George Street frontage. It spans over metres and metres across two bustling floors. It was dark, frantic and didn’t have that warm atmosphere that Fifteen did, but perhaps my expectations were too high, Fifteen is Jamie’s first child and his Jamie’s Italian franchises are like long lost cousins he sends Christmas cards to. Regardless, I was still stoked to be somewhat, unofficially, in the presence of my God.

Given it was a Sunday, and just past breakfast time I decided to kick off with a delicious concoction of Italian presseco mixed with grapefruit and orange juice. It went down like liquid gold and furthered my excitement for the meal to come. Our feast started with a basket of assorted house-baked bread and Jamie’s Signature olive oil and balsamic which was dangerously good but I showed restraint and made sure it didn’t ruin my meal. From there we had a fairly uninspiring but tasty dish of calamari, flash fried and served with lemon and aioli. Then for the headline act we decided on sharing  a prosciutto salad and traditional bolognaise made with pork and beef (the way any bolognaise should be!).

I think the more appropriate name for the salad would be prosciutto platter, it was absolutely huge. The plate was lined with lashings of freshly sliced meat and was generously heaped with perfectly dressed greens. I was happy to be sharing because I think I would have gotten over it fairly quickly if it was my only main. But it did act as a great, light accompaniment to the bolognaise, which was rich, full of flavour and made from freshly made pasta. The pasta, unsurpingly, was the highlight of the meal but sadly, despite my love for Jamie, won’t have me waiting in line for a second round.

The Bitter: The space is dark, cold and doesn’t scream “Jamie”

The Sweet: Nothing beats a good ol’ fashion bolognaise

The Damage: Drinks, mains and a shared started for two, will cost about $40 each


Oink Oink,

Truffle Pig.

Jamie's Italian on Urbanspoon

Melbourne fun & photos …..

Melbourne is a grown up play ground and a mecca for food lovers, wine lovers, art lovers and lovers of all things beautiful, creative, cold and Collingwood. I have had the pleasure of visiting the southern City a few times over the past few months and was constantly delighted by its hidden small bars, friendly folk, quirky cultural scene, stunning street art and its diverse environment (lane ways, roof tops, river, beach and more). Here is a photographic journey of one of the greatest cities in the world.

Oink Oink,

Truffle Pig.

P.s keep posted for my “Foodie’s Guide To Melbourne” coming soon…..