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Being a food lover, blogger and mass consumer, I often get asked for my opinion about where to go and what to eat. Lately, when friends have been asking me advice on where to go in Sydney my response has been – Ms G’s.

Ms G’s had been sitting on my to-eat list for a couple of months before I FINALLY got there about a month ago, I dont know why I waited so long. Not only is the quirky interior, friendly service and atmosphere something to write home about, the food is incredibe.

At first when I read the menu, nothing jumped off the page which usually means one of two things – the food will be average or I am going to be pleasantly surprised. Thankfully, it was a case of the latter.

Going with a group of 8 other hungry pigs was a genius idea, we were able to order a range of different items from the menu which is filled with modern Asian food with an American twist. Here is a run down of what we ate:

Mini bánh mì- If you haven’t heard of what these you must be living under a rock because it seems these crusty French baguettes filled with Vietnamese goodies are all the rage at the moment. We opted for the crispy pork variety, and they didn’t disappoint.

Bowl O’Kimchi – kimchi is root vegetable that the Koreans ferment for long periods of time to create a tasty side dish. It tastes a lot better than it looks, I promise.

Yellowfin tuna, green tea soba noodles, jalapeno dressing – the tuna is served raw with cold noodles, which makes it the perfect refreshing dish to start with, made even more enjoyable with the spice of the japanenos.

Crunchy Bangkok fried chicken  – I would die happy if I was eating this dish. I was definitely the highlight for me – crispy, spicy, crunchy batter coating succulent, moist chicken – The KFC Colonel should be taking notes.

Jow’s sweet & sour lamb ribs – I don’t know who Jow is, but I can assure you they sure know how to make ribs. These are so tender they might fall off the bone before they reach your mouth. Finger licking good.

Crispy pork hock, apple kimchi, 5 flavour sauce, lettuce, herbs –The hock arrived in full on your table and the apple kimchi is the perfect accompaniment. A trendy/Asian version of a good old fashioned roast pork with apple sauce.

D I Y Sang Choy Bao – Sichuan chilli lamb, smoked eggplant nahm prik – simple, tasty but not knock-your-socks-off stuff, but perfect if you’re looking for someone on the healthier side.

Now, for those sweet toothed friends out there, this is when things really start to get fun. I am not a huge dessert person but I know a good one when I taste one, and this is one of the best I have ever had!

“Stoner’s Delight 2.0” Another stella dish that is a lot more fun for your taste buds that it is for your arteries. It is made up of doughnut ice cream, peanut butter, raspberry jam, candied bacon, potato chips, mars bar slice and a banana fritter. It is crunchy, soft, crisp, gooey, hot, cold, sweet and salty. It is everything you want in a dessert and will have you in a food coma upon completion.

The Bitter: Being in a big group meant we were tucked into a booth so we couldn’t enjoy the atmosphere of the rest of the restaurant.

The Sweet: Fried chicken. Fried chicken. Fried chicken.

The Damage: all of these dishes and a few drinks each (great selection of beers, which I will cover in my next instalment of New Year New Beer) cost about $65 per head. More delicious food than you can poke a chop stick at, and a lot of fun.

Oink Oink,

Truffle Pig.

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The Way Way Back ….


THE WAY, WAY BACK is the funny coming-of-age story of an awkward 14-year-old Duncan’s summer vacation with his mother, her overbearing boyfriend, Trent, and his daughter Steph. Having a rough time fitting in, the introverted Duncan finds an unexpected friend in Owen, the manager of the Water Wizz water park. Through his funny, clandestine friendship with Owen, Duncan slowly opens up and begins to finally find his place in the world—all during a summer he will never forget.

The Way Way Back can be seen in cinemas from August 1 – don’t miss this one, it is a belly laugh opportunity. To find our more, click here.

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Truffle Pig.




Toasted nut and prune museli recipe….


What you need:

  • Small mixed bag of nuts and seeds
  • 1/2 cup of prunes, chopped
  • 2 cups of apple juice
  • 4 table spoons of honey
  • 2 table spoons of cinnamon
  • 4 cups of muesli
  • 1/2 cup of shredded coconut

What you need to do:

  • Preheat oven on 150 degrees
  • Place all ingredients in a tray and mix together and make sure all the muesli is moist
  • Bake for 20-30 minutes or until all muesli is toasted and stir often to prevent burning
  • Add prunes

Best served with almond milk, fresh fruit and yoghurt!

Oink oink,

Truffle Pig.

What’s On: July …..

Sometimes it is hard to be motivated to brave the outside world in winter, so there is no better way to spend a night than rugged up and at the movies. This month I will be definitely going to see The Way Way Back – looks like a great flick, you can watch the trailer here: The Way Way Back

Sydney Pizza Festival

What is better than pizza?… not much. But what is better is when all the best pizza makers around the city band together and create a festival. Sydney Pizza Festival will be running for the whole month. You can view the schedule here – and don’t forget to grab tickets to the closing event to be held on SALT MEATS CHEESE you can buy them here.

A little bit of Iceland

I recently booked my tickets to Iceland for the end of the year. Some of my favourite music comes from that crazy little island on the other side of the world so I am going to trek over there can attend the Iceland Airwaves festival. To prep, I will be seeing Of Monsters and Men at the Enmore later in the month and I cannot wait! You can also buy tickets here!

Great Australian Road Trips …..

Road trip

Now that winter has set in, the days are getting shorter and the beaches are becoming baron. So, what do you do to get you kicks over the weekend? Road trips! Here are some great road trips that you can from some of our capital cities. Next serious to come out shortly, all suggestions are welcome!

From Sydney:

Sydney is just a hop, skip and drive away from some of the most stunning country towns I have seen. If you jump on the Hume Highway and head South you will arrive at the Southern Highland region which is home to picturesque country towns like Bowral, Moss Vale and Kangaroo Vale. If rolling mountain scenery isn’t enough to entertain you, you can explore the quaint towns, antique stores and great pubs. My suggestions are Centennial Vineyards for fine dining and wine tasting and The Imperial Hotel for a good old-fashioned pub meal.  Or, if you feeling more adventurous, stop by the Illawarra Fly Walk and enjoy a view from above and a stroll among the tree tops. Tip, do not do this hungover, I learnt that the hard way.

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From Adelaide:

One of the best things about Adelaide is its close proximity to the ocean and the hills – thankfully you can get both in one day. To start your road trip, head South along the coast of the St Vincent Gulf where you will come across coastal towns with cute towns filled with kitsch op shops and stunning panoramic views of the ocean off cliffs. In the afternoon you can swing East and return to Adelaide via the Adelaide Hills, home to some of the state’s best wineries to enjoy (expect the designated drive of course). My recommendation would be to stop for a long lunch surrounded by grapes at he Lane Vineyard – don’t forget to pass on designated driver duties to someone else!

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From Hobart:

Salamanca isn’t the only stunning waterfront location this beautiful southern state of hours. If you hot foot it out of Hobart and drive south, you will hit a lovely little town called Kettering where you can get on a barge over the Bruny Island. Once you arrive you can spend the day driving around the island, along its famous “Neck” and enjoy nature, but most importantly its gourmet food and wine offering. No Bruny Island trip is complete without a visit to Get Shucked oyster farm and the Bruny Island Cheese Company, the only place in Australia where you can buy unpasteurised cheese!

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You will need a car to get around to all these amazing places. Check out:

John Hughes used cars

WAF car loans

 Oink oink,

Truffle Pig.