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5 Easy Ways to Detox …

5 Easy Ways to Detox …

Whether you have had a long week, a heavy meal or overindulged in a few beverages, your body will need a detox once in a while. Here are 5 of the easiest ways to detox that require little money and hardly any effort that will have you hitting reboot on your body:

1. Hot water with lemon juice – start your day with this and your digestive system will love you.

2. Coconut oil pulling – swish around a table spoon of mouth for 20 minutes, spit and rinse. Sounds weird, yes, but it will rid your mouth of all the toxins and bacteria before they enter your body.

3. Sweat – whether you sit in a sauna for an hour, do a hot yoga class or run up a mountain, you will go from feeling a million baht to a million bucks!

4. A shot of apple cider vinegar – this potent liquid might stink like smelly feet but it does wonders for your body. Research shows that it can help stimulate cardiovascular circulation and help detoxify the liver.

5. Fast – not eating for 24 hours might sound daunting but once you have given your digestive system a well-earned break your post- weekend recovery will be a breeze. Drink a tonne of water to flush that system out.

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Pork, Pork, Ippudo! ….

Ippudo ramen sydney

After taking the rest of the world by storm, Ippudo landed in Sydney earlier this year. After receiving one rave review after the other, Ippudo have settled well into their new city, but the hype has far from settled. The long lines are a testamate to just how delicious their food is and how eager people are to get in there. In authentic Japanese style, guests are greeted with a loud and enthusiastic “irasshaimase!” and treated to friendly, efficient service.

Ippudo’s specialty is PORK, perfect for those that love the way my cousins taste, whether it be in a bun, gyoza or their specialty, the ramen. Here, these soups are light in texture but big in flavour and are filled with pork belly, chilli, miso and thin noodles. Or if you are feeling more adventurous and porky, you can add extras like flavoured eggs, black mushrooms or shallots. The soups, served with ladle, are comfort food of a whole new dimension that elevate a hangover and will have you feeling full without feeling fat – what more could you want?

Not only are is the food wait-in-line worthy, but they also sell a variety of asian craft beer and sake cocktails so you won’t be going thirsty or hungry!

The Bitter: The lines… they can be loooooooooong

The Sweet: Those salty, succulent soups

The Damage: A ramen, beer plus extras will set you back about 30 big ones.

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New Year, New Beer – March…

You will notice that this month I went to the lovely little city, Adelaide, home to Coopers beer which was enjoyed over the weekend of festivals. WOMad and The Fringe were so much fun; I am already looking forward to next year. I also had the pleasure of attending my first Taste festival and I it definitely won’t be my last – I had an awesome day, which turned into night tasting some of the best food and wine from across the world (lots of African beer this month!). Beers up!

1.       Sapporo, JAP – an iconic beer form the land of great food and in this case, great beer

2.       Thomas Coopers Selection, SA – Good ‘ol fashioned pale ale

3.       Coopers 62, SA – dense, rich and I couldn’t drink 62 of them

4.       Coopers 5 Seeds, SA – Another variation of a much loved SA Great brewery

5.       Coopers Clear, SA – Just like the rest of the Coopers family, only clear

6.       Dr Tims, SA – Drinking Tim out of a tinny – you don’t get much more aussie than that!

7.       The Hills Cider Company, SA – Made from freshly picked fruit from the Adeliade Hills, no complaints here

8.       Pacifico Clara Cerveza, MEX – A happy, hoppy pilsner beer

9.       Tusker African Lager Beer, KEN – I like the beer more than I like tusking

10.   Tusker Malt Lager, KEN – Made from 100% African ingredients, it was refreshing as the salesman himself (legend!)

11.   Sail & Anchor Boats Bind Amber Ale, WA – great branding and taste

12.   Sail & Anchor Larks Foot Golden Ale, WA – awesome name, and my favourite from this brewer

13.   Sail & Anchor Monkey Fist Pale Ale, WA – The flavour is far better than a fist to the trotter

14.   Wiked Cider, QLD – another boutique apple cider on the market… still not sick of them!

15.   Sail & Anchor, WA –

16.   Crabbies Spiced Orange Ginger Beer – a beer meets vodka cruise flavour – it gets my vote!

17.   Reef Blonde, QLD – blondes have more fun, even when they are beer

18.   Blue Sky Pilsner, QLD – Award winning, clean refreshing taste

19.   FNQ Lager, QLD – Nothin’ bogan about this brand, other than the taste of this beer

20.   Cairns Gold, QLD – Robust flavours, but not flavours for me

21.   ELK Pear Cider – Sweeeeeeet, far too sweet for this little piggy

22.   Hang Man Pale Ale by The Rocks Brewing Company, SYD – good balance of hanging between bitter and sweet

23.   Convict Lager by The Rocks Brewing Company, SYD – Dark, brooding, just like a convict

24.   Boxer Red Ale by The Rocks Brewing Company, SYD – Punches some chocolatey flavours

25.   Australian Beer Company Cider – I think I have found a new fridge staple, freshingly delicious!

26.   Balmain Brewery Pale Ale, SYD – Pales in comparison to other pale ales

27.   Balmain Brewery Pilsner, SYD – Not to bitter and even tastes a little nutty

28.   ELK Cider Berries & Lime, VIC – Tasting more berries than I am lime, great on ice but too sweet to repeat

29.   Grand Ridge Natural Blonde, VIC – Taste a little like coriander… which I love!

30.   Grand Ridge Wheat Beer, VIC – heavy and, you guessed it, wheat!

31.   Grand Bridge Pale Ale, VIC – Smooth, refreshing and full of flavour

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New Year, New Beer: February…

As part of my New Year, New Beer challenge I have taken it upon myself to try 28 new beers and ciders over February….

1. Sydney bitter, SYD – good old fashion hoppy beer

2. Coopers Sparking Ale, SA – cloudy and fruity, quite refreshing

3. Big Ugly Dog, MLB – Sweet and a hint of citrus

4. Naked for Satan, MLB – this beer is almost as cool as its name

5. Hienkenin, HOL – A testament to the Dutch, they can do more than smoke!

6. Tooheys New, AUS – It is getting old… but a golden oldy

7. Cheeky Rascale Pear Cider – Good not great – taste more like a beer

8. Peroni, ITA – Italians beer is as good as their food and men!

9. Tooheys Super Dry, AUS – As the name suggests, it is pretty dry

10. Cusquena, Peru – Fizzy and refreshing

11. Peroni Red, ITA – just like Peroni, only red

12. Little Creatures Pilsner, WA– tasty, not prefer to the paler ale of theirs

13. The Grifter – a hard to find, delicious pale ale

14. Dirty Granny, AUS – an apple cider on the bitter side, just the way I like it

15. Hahn Super Dry , AUS– as the name suggests, it is super dry

16. Whistler Larger, CNA – A larger, the Canadian way eh!

17. Fat Yak Pale Ale – Taste better than the name sounds

18. Crown Larger, AUS – not for me, at all.

19.  Kirin, JAP – The Japanese are genius, love it!

20. Cascade Premium Light, TAS – a light, basic beer, perfect for the responsible

21. Kopperberg Pear Cider – the perfect peary drink for a Sunday hangover

22. James Boags Premium Larger, AUS – largers have their place, just not in my mouth

23. VB, AUS – or as I like to call, Bogan’s milk

24. Budvar, CHZ – crisp refreshing beer, just like the weather in Prague

25. Trumer, AUS – a German pilsner beer made by the Austrians

26. Tui, NZ – Stale – Kiwis version of VB

27. Stinlarger, NZ – Crisp, clean and full of flavour.

28. Monteith’s Apple Cider – The perfect way to end the month – delicious!

Until next month…..

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